Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Context makes the man

Sometimes context makes the man. This morning I was standing with an older woman at the bus stop. We were having a friendly conversation when I tried to introduce myself and asked her name. She refused to tell me. I fully respect her discretion but couldn't help but think that if we were having the same conversation 20 minutes later I would be in my job at the church and she would gladly give me any information about her I asked. Context strikes.

A few days ago I was on the train and a guy complimented my bag, telling me how nice it is and asking me where I bought it. I have to admit some of my first thoughts were that he was going to rob me. After all it was at night on the DART and I was alone. If I had met the same guy and he had made the same comments to me somewhere in Northpark Mall I wouldn't have questioned his intentions at all. Context.

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