Monday, January 25, 2010

Dear John

Dear DART,

The holidays have been a great interupter of routine as has the new job situation and move. I feel like we've been growing further and further apart as we haven't seen each other in a while. I hope this can be worked out soon and I look forward to the day our routes will once again collide.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Other Side

Do you ever think about the humanity of the people around you? Are you ever surprised when reminded that they have thoughts, pains, hopes and dreams just as real as you?

A few days ago I was on the bus next to a young man with a backpack. Taking the cue I introduced myself and asked if he was going to school, he replied with the details telling me his name was Corey. I wanted to get to know him but I likewise didn't want to intrude. I continued reading my book when to my surprise a few minutes later he asked what I was reading. We talked all the way to my stop. Turns out I'm not the only one wanting to make a friend.

This morning I got on the bus and found myself next to one of the "talkers." That unique bus breed found at the front talking to the driver or anyone else around. I'd see him many times and was glad to get to meet Neville. Conversation was slow to start but we soon got rolling and I even found myself having significant truth and encouragement being spoken into my life. He's been going through a tough time and wanted me to know how the Lord has been faithful in it all. I had no idea of the depth in this man and am thankful to have it revealed in such a fun way.

Just because the bus is quiet doesn't mean you're the only one wanting to talk. May we all enjoy each others humanity in a new way today.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Goth Night

At the bus stop Sunday morning there were a couple guys complaining about how cold it was, but they were especially complaining about people from up north who like to insist that it's not cold in Texas. This went on for a few minutes until the bus arrived with their passion and frustration growing all the while. Usually the bus is fairly quiet without too much talking but occasionally you have a talker on board who doesn't mind having the entire bus in on his conversation. It was only fitting that this day there was a talker on board anouncing the fact that it wasn't cold outside, it was bus greatness.

I ended up talking with one of the "complainers" for a few minutes before he got off. Turns out he works at a club over in Deep Ellum and was on his way home after a long night. He was really proud of his club and it was neat to see. He told me lots of details and even pulled out his camera and showed me some photos of the place. He said they have a pretty regular crowd on Fridays for "goth night" and he invited me to come check it out sometime :)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Story Can Now Be Told

As of last Wednesday the story can now someday be told to my children. They will now certainly hear of how their Dad used to walk to work UPHILL in the SNOW! May the legend grow.

When I got on the bus that day I met a lady named Debra. We talked about how great the snow was, the big soft flakes steadily drifting down. She then gave me a friendly lecture on my cold weather preparedness, "Your shoes are too thin!" She told me about how she doesn't like the heat and would gladly take the cold anyday. I shared with her my Mom's love of the cold and snow and how I thought they'd get along. Debra agreed, "Oh yeah, yer Mom and I get along real good."

Monday, November 30, 2009

If I didn't ride the bus...

If I didn't ride the bus I wouldn't have met John this morning as I walked to my first stop. He commented on my lunch box and we shared a conversation of appreciation for the era of the lunch pail. After that he asked me for some money to go to Jack in the Box. I hope he walked away full.

If I didn't ride the bus I wouldn't have met Reuben, an aspiring DJ. He told me about some past bad decisions that derailed him for a while and of the importance of having a hope and a dream to keep you going in life. Reuben shared his hope and dream with me, I hope things work out for him.

Tomorrow is a new month and I've got my pass in my pocket...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Context makes the man

Sometimes context makes the man. This morning I was standing with an older woman at the bus stop. We were having a friendly conversation when I tried to introduce myself and asked her name. She refused to tell me. I fully respect her discretion but couldn't help but think that if we were having the same conversation 20 minutes later I would be in my job at the church and she would gladly give me any information about her I asked. Context strikes.

A few days ago I was on the train and a guy complimented my bag, telling me how nice it is and asking me where I bought it. I have to admit some of my first thoughts were that he was going to rob me. After all it was at night on the DART and I was alone. If I had met the same guy and he had made the same comments to me somewhere in Northpark Mall I wouldn't have questioned his intentions at all. Context.

"Hi, I'm Brian"

Have you ever tried starting a conversation with a stranger in a quiet elevator with other people around? Pretty awkward huh? That's basically what it's like trying to talk to someone on the bus. My current strategy is what I like to refer to as "go for broke" mode. When in close proximity I stick out my hand and say, "Hi, I'm Brian" and try to flow from there. My favorite response so far was Sunday morning, an older lady looked at me funny and said, "What?"

So I went three days with no bus time last week and must admit that I missed the DART. I got back on track yesterday and am staring at a nice four day "no driving" stretch.