Monday, December 7, 2009

Goth Night

At the bus stop Sunday morning there were a couple guys complaining about how cold it was, but they were especially complaining about people from up north who like to insist that it's not cold in Texas. This went on for a few minutes until the bus arrived with their passion and frustration growing all the while. Usually the bus is fairly quiet without too much talking but occasionally you have a talker on board who doesn't mind having the entire bus in on his conversation. It was only fitting that this day there was a talker on board anouncing the fact that it wasn't cold outside, it was bus greatness.

I ended up talking with one of the "complainers" for a few minutes before he got off. Turns out he works at a club over in Deep Ellum and was on his way home after a long night. He was really proud of his club and it was neat to see. He told me lots of details and even pulled out his camera and showed me some photos of the place. He said they have a pretty regular crowd on Fridays for "goth night" and he invited me to come check it out sometime :)


  1. It is, in fact, not cold at all in Texas. The high we're expecting on Wednesday here in Sunny Nebraska? TWELVE FREAKING DEGREES. That's not even the wind chill. I don't even want to think about the wind chill. I'm planning on not leaving the house. Of course my friends in MN think we're wimpy complainers here in NE, so I guess it's context again!

    Also, love the blog. And miss you!

  2. Likewise Renee! I've been thinking about you recently and remembering some good times and a good friend. Hope you, Matt and the family are good. I'm also so glad to "see" you here on the blog. As for the cold...20 degrees is 20 degrees, I expect a Houstonian and fellow Texan to be on my side :)

  3. Goth should try it. I think I might see black fingernail polish in your future :)