Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Other Side

Do you ever think about the humanity of the people around you? Are you ever surprised when reminded that they have thoughts, pains, hopes and dreams just as real as you?

A few days ago I was on the bus next to a young man with a backpack. Taking the cue I introduced myself and asked if he was going to school, he replied with the details telling me his name was Corey. I wanted to get to know him but I likewise didn't want to intrude. I continued reading my book when to my surprise a few minutes later he asked what I was reading. We talked all the way to my stop. Turns out I'm not the only one wanting to make a friend.

This morning I got on the bus and found myself next to one of the "talkers." That unique bus breed found at the front talking to the driver or anyone else around. I'd see him many times and was glad to get to meet Neville. Conversation was slow to start but we soon got rolling and I even found myself having significant truth and encouragement being spoken into my life. He's been going through a tough time and wanted me to know how the Lord has been faithful in it all. I had no idea of the depth in this man and am thankful to have it revealed in such a fun way.

Just because the bus is quiet doesn't mean you're the only one wanting to talk. May we all enjoy each others humanity in a new way today.

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