Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red Line, Blue Line what's the difference?

In the color wheel red, blue and yellow stand apart from each other in purity being completely different as they offer their unique contribution to the spectrum known as visible light. For those of you who are curious the red, blue and green lines of the DART rail system are quite different as well. I discovered that the hard way today :)

Walking from work to the rail tonight I met Anthony, a middle-aged man on his bike. As we crossed I-75 he asked,
"Is this 75?"
I said, "Yea," then paused.
"Where are you going?" I inquired.
"Plano" he answered (we were at Mockingbird).
I paused again, "You know the train goes up to Plano and it's pretty cheap."
He said he rode his bike down and he figured he'd ride it back. Off he went.

My day started at the bus stop watching the pastel hues of the sunrise as the great ball of fire broke through to light another day. It now ends as I head home 13.5 hours later to a clear, starless Dallas night. I think I'm becoming a man of the city. Good night Dallas.

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